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Why waste valuable time and energy submitting your website to search engines that NEVER SEND HITS? Well, thats what most search engine submission software does. The fact is there are only a handful of search engines that will ever send you any significant traffic. If you have dozens of webpages (url's) or even thousands it would take you forever submitting them to useless search engines. What you SHOULD do is submit EVERY URL you have to the TOP 10 search engines ONLY. A compelling fact is that 80% - 90% of the traffic any site receives originates from one of these top search engines: Alta Vista, Exctie, Hot Bot, InfoSeek, Lycos, Magellan, Web Crawler, and Yahoo. This script searches through your entire server for EVERY possible URL. Then the complete url list is submitted ONE BY ONE to the top search engines

Only: €15.00

De Scripts worden u aangeboden zonder enige garantie of support. Hoewel al de scripts zijn uitgetest op diverse servers kunnen wij niet instaan voor de werking in alle omstandigheden Van de aangeboden prijs gaat nog 30% korting af. Let op de prijs voor deze scripts is inclusief BTW