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Super Stats

I purchased Web Trends awhile back. The program looked great, but was virtually useless. Everyday you had to download your stats (10-20 megabytes of data) and then Web Trends would spit out a ton of data which I manually checked and found to be innaccurate. I also signed up for their affilliate program but they never sent me a dime. Worse was 50% of the data analysis was completely worthless. Thus, I invented a completely automated version of their program except I took out all the bugs and didnt waste time making pretty graphics. This is a hardcore statistical analyzer. Calculates raw hits, page views, bookmarked visitors, home page views, unique visitors, bandwidth, page views per visitor, operating systems and browsers used, error reports, lists top refering URLS, most and least popular webpages on your site, and even does security checks to warn you of hackers trading passwords and networks launching password hurler attacks. This may not be as pretty as Web Trends but its a hell of alot more useful. Runs automatically via crontab.

Only: €15.00

De Scripts worden u aangeboden zonder enige garantie of support. Hoewel al de scripts zijn uitgetest op diverse servers kunnen wij niet instaan voor de werking in alle omstandigheden Van de aangeboden prijs gaat nog 30% korting af. Let op de prijs voor deze scripts is inclusief BTW