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The old days when you had to cloak page by page are over. When I first invented HTML cloaking in the mid 90's you had to install a special page for EACH html page you wanted to cloak. Now with supercloaker a single 5 minute install will protect your ENTIRE WEBSITE. Furthermore, if you have ability to fully utilize .htaccess you don't have to use .shtml extentions so the cloaking is 100% transparent. NOBODY has ths technology... until now. The program comes with a recently updated list of spider IP's and these lists can be updated and found all over the net. Keep your precious HTML protected with SUPERCLOAKER the most advanced HTML cloaking software online. Just another trend setting script as usual from that was whipped up in about 10 minutes and have be

Only: €15.00

De Scripts worden u aangeboden zonder enige garantie of support. Hoewel al de scripts zijn uitgetest op diverse servers kunnen wij niet instaan voor de werking in alle omstandigheden Van de aangeboden prijs gaat nog 30% korting af. Let op de prijs voor deze scripts is inclusief BTW