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Here is a simple way to watch your traffic soar. Truly an internet marketing machine. I took the free4all link concept to the next level and designed a multilevel free4all link NETWORK. The network allows your site visitors to put their link on your FFA page AND download the FFAN script from your site so they can join your FFA NETWORK. When a new site installs the FFAN script you are notified by email after the first link goes up. With a simple click their FFAN is added to your submission list. The new site may also allow visitors to download the script and so on creating a pyramid of FFAN sites. Everytime a new site appears you are notified thus building your submission list. Through the admin interface you can cleanup the list if there are any dead links and with one simple form you can now broadcast your urls of choice into every FFAN site that joined under you!

Only: €15.00

De Scripts worden u aangeboden zonder enige garantie of support. Hoewel al de scripts zijn uitgetest op diverse servers kunnen wij niet instaan voor de werking in alle omstandigheden Van de aangeboden prijs gaat nog 30% korting af. Let op de prijs voor deze scripts is inclusief BTW